Located in downtown Indianapolis, Cups Coffee is a locally-owned coffee company that values family and good coffee.  

About Us

One day Mike said to Grace, "Let's open a coffee shop!" And so they did just that.  In 1995, they opened their first location on the corner of Ohio & Meridian in downtown Indianapolis and simply called it: Cups.

At Cups Coffee, they wake up early each morning so that you can start your day with the perfect cup for they care about their people first with coffee as a very, very close second. They are dedicated to being not just another local coffee shop, but your coffee shop.

Visit them at any of their downtown locations, all situated warmly within Mile Square, for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat; where the baristas are friendly and your name is always remembered.  



201 N Illinois Street
Open M-F 6am-5pm

117 Pennsylvania Street
Open M-F 7am-4pm

1 N Capitol Ave
Open M-F 7am-4pm


Note: additional shots of espresso and/or flavored syrups available for additional charge.  Drinks may be made with your option of skim or 2%.  An additional charge will be added when drinks are made with soy milk or half & half.  || **seasonal


If you're looking to contact Cups Coffee, here's where to do it.

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